Apsan Bijon

Her career 35 years ago that APSAN WHEEL BOLT founders began with APANOĞLU Dervis. In the past 35 years, renews itself constantly, to invest in people, quality and continuity of care to a wide range of products emitting Apsan any brand for vehicle production continues to wheel bolt. Today, every product produced in the sector with strong brand behind the ongoing R & D work Apsan as a result of the continuous market share will increase. 60% of the products produced advisable to domestic market is 40% is exported. Consistently supported manufacturing in CNC machine tools to figure out the monthly capacity is 50,000. Man, Mercedes, Ford, Bmc, Dodge, Volvo, Daf and trailer weight to groups, all buses, trucks, vans groups are addressed. Japanese group also has begun to produce passenger vehicles wheel bolt. Apsan customer satisfaction, productivity, safety and productivity principles, surely to the target is moving.

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